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The most interesting factoid about the ex-Governator is that the dude still rides—with some decidedly unruly panache, no less:

[Schwarzenegger] hauls a bike off the back of the car, hops on, and takes off down an already busy Ocean Avenue. He wears no bike helmet, runs red lights, and rips past do not enter signs without seeming to notice them and up one-way streets the wrong way.

When he wants to cross three lanes of fast traffic he doesn’t so much as glance over his shoulder but just sticks out his hand and follows it, assuming that whatever is behind him will stop. His bike has at least 10 speeds, but he has just 2: zero and pedaling as fast as he can. Inside half a mile he’s moving fast enough that wind-induced tears course down his cheeks.

Photo unsourced via one of those awful Twitter accounts | Text via Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair.


Written by Turin Bicycle — December 12, 2014

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