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After a brief absence, we at Turin are freakin’ pumped to be back on the scene! Though we’ve bid a melancholy farewell to our longtime home in Evanston, we’re excited to be feathering a new nest in a new neighborhood with new opportunities to make new friends. 

For those we’ve been fortunate enough to share some memories with, much of what we’ll be doing will look awfully familiar. From comforting old faces to the same tired old jokes, we’re still the same dyed-in-the-wool fanatics that just want to play with the coolest toys. Some of those toys are relatively new to Chicago and we’re pretty excited about that as well. 

As we roll out over the next few months, you’ll see us get all giggly like excited toddlers as we debut bikes from Alchemy, winner of Best Carbon Construction at 2012 NAHBS. By way of Montreal we’ll be offering Opus’ line of urban and road bikes for the first time in Chicago and that has us all atwitter! Did you know that Focus makes some reeeally cool mountain bikes? Did you also know that Chicago (or, close to) actually has some pretty fun places to ride off-road? We’re pretty sure there’s some folks out there that still like to ride mountain bikes and we’ll be psyched to talk dirt with them!

A new chapter for Turin also means a new part in the story of our cycling community. Along with some of the fastest bikes and parts available, we hope to show the rest of the world a little bit of what it’s like to ride in this city by offering bicycles and apparel designed in-house which echo the needs of cyclists who experience the full range of Chicago’s bi-polar biking conditions. Sunny days or cold mornings, snow-packed commutes or leisurely jaunts to the Museum Campus; we’ve loved our bikes for whatever the journey called for and much like you, we feel that there’s no such thing as bad riding conditions, just bad gear.

We’re proud to welcome every shade of cyclist through our doors to share in building new memories or to reminisce about the old days. Stop by to say hi, check out some cool new stuff or just periodically check in with us online through Facebook and share a little bit about your ride. 

Written by Shopify API — February 18, 2013

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