Turin Bicycle Chicago

Welcome to our exhibit of American artisan bicycle builders.

At our Chicago shop this weekend (4/12-4/15) and with some items continuing on through this month.

What is an artisan builder?

For our purpose we are considering builders whose primary focus is building bikes one at a time for individual riders.

We are showing builders whose production somewhat mirrors the arc of Turin’s existence.  Starting with Albert Eisentraut and some builders he directly influenced (Bruce Gordon, Mark Nobilette, Bill Holland) and showing how they have also diverged (or not) from Albert’s influence in the period of 1965 to the present and juxtaposing these long time builders with the builders who have started more recently and with different influences (Boo, Rodriguez, Six Eleven)

A note on who is represented.  There are several first rate builders who do both custom work and small batches of hand built stock bike production.

Builders like Serotta and Waterford build some beautiful bikes.  But they don’t exist primarily in the world of only building bikes one at a time for

an individual rider.  At this point in our exhibit plan we are trying to include builders whose primary focus is on bikes being built one by one for individual users.

These exceptional builders – these artisans are the subject of our ongoing exhibit.  They are not the only great builders.  Just the ones we are lucky to have to start this exhibit. We hope to continue this exhibit through the year and be able to show a rotating selection of frames and bikes built by the best American artists.

Our opening selection:

Albert Eisentraut – Oakland CA

Bruce Gordon, Bruce Gordon & Ed Lynch, Petaluma, CA http://www.bgcycles.com

Mark Nobilette , Longmont, CO www.facebook.com/NobiletteCycles

Dwight Safter, Chicago

Vincent Rodriguez, Lexana (KC) Kansas  http://vrbicycles.com

Six Eleven Cycles, Aaron Dykstra, Roanoke, Va  http://sixelevenbicycleco.com

Bill Holland, Spring Valley, Ca  http://www.hollandcycles.com/

Boo, Nick Frey and James Wolfe, Ft. Collins, CO  http://boobicycles.com

Lagomorph, Seth Deysach, Chicago  http://lagomorphdesign.com

Written by Shopify API — April 12, 2013

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