Turin Bicycle Chicago

The basics:

Turin started as a shop in the spring of 1965 on Sedgwick St., in Chicago.

Before opening on Sedgwick Turin had been an idea in Lionel Bottari's families

basement in Pilsen.

Since 1965 we have had many locations and maybe 1000 people who have been

part of Turin's staff family and many times that who have been part of the

extended Turin family. We are now, in 2013, in Chicago, on Damen Ave and in

Denver, on Lincoln.

The why:

Turin started as place where a community of people related by bicycles and

various shades of social consciousness could both earn a living centered on their

shared interest and do so in a way that had positive values. That was, and is still

today, at it's core, a business that both staff and customer's could look forward to

being engaged with. A place where people are happy to be, in their daily lives for

staff and when ever they felt like it for customers and the extended Turin

sometimes other, social and other equipment desires. This idea is as relevant and

as much a part of Turin today as it was 48 years ago.

The who:

Turin is, above all, a composite of its staff. People who have cycling as a core part

of their lives and who bring to or who have learned while here a high degree of

technical skills to go along with the socially conscious and involved ethic that they

had when they decided to become part of our community. Turin can only be as

good as our staff. We are always looking at who we are and how we can improve

so that we have the best staff that can be found at any bike shop, anywhere.

Over our 49 years Turin has been owned in part by many people. Primarily

Lionel Bottari and Roddy Green at the Sedgwick St. inception. Dan Joseph, Gary

Page and Lee Katz from 1967 and Alan Fine since 1971. There have been at

various times a small group of additional partners. The constants and continuing

today are Lee and Alan. Ownership at Turin has evolved into (and maybe has

always been) the responsibilities of trustees of an idea as much as the

management of a business. It is our job as owners to be sure that Turin continues

to provide an exceptional community asset to both staff, customers and our

extended family.




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