Turin Bicycle Chicago

At Turin, we believe that in order for you to have the best experience on your bicycle, it must be properly fit to you for your needs. From simple riding around the neighborhood or lakefront to burning at top speed towards the finish line, any form of riding can be aided by ensuring the proper interface between body and bike. This can sometimes be as simple as a little tweak to the saddle height or handlebar angle or as intensive as our fits designed to optimize one’s athletic output. In either case, we’re here to help promote the best possible experience, for as long as possible – at a minimum risk for injury.

    • Complete cycling analysis with fitter Kevin Wilson is available for of $150 and includes:
    • Interview to determine range of needs and any pre-existing concerns
    • Flexibility assessment
    • On-bike assessment
    • Cleat placement
    • For custom bicycles, we will additionally provide:
    • Size-cycle session with pre-existing and new dimensions
    • Construction of a custom geometry as provided for by any analyses which can then be supplied to any frame builder


    Additionally, to ensure that every bike sold at Turin is fit properly, we are happy to swap stems, handlebars and seatposts at no charge to the rider at any point throughout the first year. If you would like an analysis and full fitting performed in the interest of purchasing a custom bicycle frame, the cost of the fitting will be defrayed from the cost of the bike or frame.

    Fit Kit fits can be scheduled by calling in advance and working with Nate or Charlie.  These fits are done Sunday through Thursday at anytime from 11-7pm.  Appointments with Kevin Wilson are made on a fit to fit basis.  Please call to set up your fit today!




    We promise to only send you good things and of course, NEVER give out your information.