Turin Bicycle Chicago

Turin Bicycle Chicago is excited to be launching our Trikes-To-Bikes program in the hopes of bringing together a larger community of families and budding young cyclists through the timeless sharing of bicycles. 

Throughout our history, we’ve always emphasized the need to get as much out of our bikes as possible. The products that we’ve chosen to represent have reflected this goal and while most adults can enjoy their favorite steed for years – even decades, our younger cohorts find themselves having to bid their treasured rides adieu as they grow. Without a stable of up and coming riders following their footsteps, bikes fade and gather dust as they consume space in the garage and basement. Trikes-To-Bikes is our answer for parents and kids alike looking to take their next steps into an exciting world as seen on two wheels.

Through Opus, Sunday and others, Turin Bicycle will be offering bikes to our younger riders for anything from bopping around the park with Mom and Dad, to jumping curbs with friends. Any kids’ bike that is purchased from Turin Chicago is eligible for a 50% trade-in credit towards the purchase of their next size when they’ve outgrown their current bike. All kids’ bikes purchased from other independent bicycle dealers in safe, working order – and including all original parts - will be eligible for a $50 credit to be applied towards the purchase of their child’s next size bicycle.*

Used bikes brought in for trade will then be refurbished and offered to customers at a discounted rate, allowing for the next crop of riders to enjoy a properly fit bicycle without Mom and Dad having to worry about mounting costs. And if you’ve already bought your li’l ripper a bike this season, we’ll see you in a year or two when they’ve outgrown it so we can swap it out for something bigger.

For full details regarding the Trikes-To-Bikes program, feel free to give us a jingle in the shop anytime at 773-271-3141 or drop a line to us at info@turinbicycle.com.

*Turin Bicycle Chicago reserves the right to refuse trade on any bicycle at their discretion. Bikes found to be either unsafe or requiring replacement parts may be deemed ineligible for Trikes-To-Bikes credit. Kids bikes purchased from department stores, toy stores, hardware stores or “big-boxes” are not eligible for credit.




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