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We are a community that, perhaps, lives by some different priorities than much of the rest of our society. Our good days are punctuated by tailwinds that can effortlessly carry us home from work and dissolve the inanity of eight previous hours. Joy in our faces can be seen through gritted teeth and veiny foreheads as we grind out a tire-width victory in a hard fought Crit. We live for the highs of the descent and the lows of the climb. While some wonder what kind of craziness might compel a person to forge against a churning soup of snow and wind, others snicker as they pass alongside lines of traffic and quietly call them suckers. 

Our bicycles are treated like family and sometimes better. In a rapidly advancing world, these remarkably simple machines have become so entwined with our lives that it’s hard to imagine a day without them. Since 1965, Turin has concerned itself, first and foremost, with getting the most out our bicycles. We’ve lent our mark to Olympians and National Champions, and held the hands of newly christened riders as they bravely pedal away into a new, training wheel free world. We’ve seen our bikes remain timeless from era to era as they’re handed down from father to daughter on their way to a renewed life on the roads.

This community was built in fine detail by generations of contributors. Their experiences are ours; shared through the common memories of happy days with rubber lapping asphalt as its soundtrack. 

We were lucky to begin at a time when new heroes were being emulated on dirt tracks in back yards and streets lined with screaming fans and high priced sponsorships.

 Intervening years have granted us scores of new friends; sharing moments with history and Hollywood; every one of them indelibly marking the woven fibers of our identity. 


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