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2013 Opus Topolino

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The new classics

Maybe speed isn’t your thing. Maybe vintage cool turns your particular crank. Well, you’re not alone. There’s a massive new appreciation of the hip bike. Global movements such as “slow bike” and “chic cycle” are marrying lifestyle trends with everyone’s favorite way to get around. The Opus Urbanistas distill all these trends into one ultra-cool line. They may look like yesteryear — but those steel behemoths were hard to pedal, stop and steer. Not the Urbanistas. They’re all Opus. Made with durable 6061 aluminum, they’re easy to handle, fun to ride and simple store. So they’re more inviting to use! Urbanista. It’s not just about the bike. It’s about style, art, culture…and, okay, it’s also about the bike.

Slow bike and cycle chic

This really isn’t Kansas anymore. Hey, it isn’t even Montreal! Thanks to the “slow bike” movement, bike culture will never again be the same. Inspired by the slow food and slow life movements, slow bike asks us to be more human, less harried. With a dash of whimsy and plenty of style, it asks us to find a bit more time to get off the bike and smell the roses. “Cycle chic” has, of course, been around as long as bikes. But do check out blogs, websites and photos. This is definitely not about performance or fitness. It’s about looking mighty fine aboard your bike. Not necessarily in spandex and chamois. But in a skirt…a three-piece suit…jeans and flip-flops.





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