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Phone: (773) 271-3141


Due to Turin's commitment to a speedy turnaround on top quality repairs, appointments over the phone will NOT be made at this time. This is because our mechanics will assess your bike in-person. Walk-ins with your bicycle are always encouraged and our team of top-tier bike mechanics will be able to assist and supply you with a reliable estimation in order to get you back out on the path, road, or wherever you feel at home in the saddle as fast as is possible. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding. When you ride, we hope that you ride safely!


Flat Fix - $12 labor PLUS the cost of tube or tire.


Basic Tune - $90

  • Wash Bicycle
  • True Wheels
  • Adjust Brakes & Derailleurs
  • Adjust Bearings
  • Lube Chain & Pivots


Deluxe Tune - $140

  • Basic tune + Drivetrain Clean


Drivetrain Clean - $65

  • Remove Drivetrain
  • Soak in Solvent Bath


Overhaul - $300

  • Complete Breakdown & Rebuild of Bicycle


Bike Wash - $60

  • Wash the bike, no tuneup included.


Quick Tune - $50

  • Quick Tune does not include wheels and does not include bike wash.